Are decision makers prioritising positive change?

Our Ethical Business Project uncovers a profound shift in UK businesses.

UK businesses are under more pressure than ever before to demonstrate positive values. The disruption of Covid-19 combined with the climate crisis and focus on social inequalities have put businesses of all sizes under the microscope.


Businesses are being scrutinised across all areas, from the treatment of staff to their impact on the environment. Organisations viewed as ignoring their impact or not making changes are at risk of suffering reputational damage, financial losses and even business failure.


‘An ethical business makes a conscious effort to ensure that its operations are positive, contributing to the long-term wellbeing of individuals, communities and society. This type of business looks to more than just its profits and also prioritises positive social and environmental impact.’

Carrying out our own research

At Anthony Collins Solicitors, we decided to investigate the approach of UK businesses. Working with research partner, Opinium, we surveyed 300 senior decision-makers across the UK about their ethical approach for their businesses.


“We hope The Ethical Business Project will provide businesses with both the impetus and knowledge to become more principled organisations, benefitting their employees, suppliers, stakeholders and customers.”
David Alcock, partner and social business lead at Anthony Collins Solicitors


The results of the survey revealed a profound shift in how we are doing business. Nine in ten (91%) of businesses were already adopting ethical practices or committed to becoming more ethical. Many (78%) recognised the impact of the pandemic in that process.


A new handbook for businesses

While showing the move towards more ethical practices, our survey revealed businesses still face barriers when it comes to adopting them. In response to our findings, we developed The Ethical Business Project handbook to support businesses in taking on a more values-based approach.


The handbook is broken down into sections authored by experts across the firm. Readers can find information and resources on a range of ethical business topics, such as creating better workplaces for employees, minimising waste and energy consumption, and securing ethical funding.


Making a positive impact

The handbook explains how, by embarking on the ethical journey, businesses can positively impact the society and environment around them, while improving workforce engagement and market reputation, leading to new opportunities.


“Businesses do not face this journey alone. Please do engage in the ethical conversation with us – looking at your business and how you are seeking to embed positive impact in what you do. We are all on the same journey. Let’s travel the road together.”
David Alcock, partner and social business lead at Anthony Collins Solicitors

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