Advocating for equal opportunities for everyone

Social mobility is at the core of our mission and values here at Anthony Collins Solicitors.

The fight to overcome socio-economic inequality is tougher than ever. Many of the factors influencing social mobility have been exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic.


At Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS), we focus on building a culture that supports everyone, whatever their background. We recognise that entering work can be difficult for people with no connections, no paid internship opportunities and no mentors.

What does this look like?

Tackling this issue starts with being an accredited Living Wage employer, hiring trainees from non-red-brick universities and recruiting with wide socio-economic reach. For employees, we support their growth, encourage everyone to have a live career plan to map their progression and report pay gaps.


It’s not just about our employees though. To make a change, we know we need to help the next generation too. Our team give up their own time to mentor students from disadvantaged backgrounds through A-level, degree and LPC, as well as hosting discussions with other organisations.

What have we achieved in 2021?

We know it can be easy to talk about why social mobility is important, but it can be much harder to translate that into practical steps to deliver change.


In March 2021, we hosted a roundtable discussion to encourage business leaders to share best practice. The event was attended by Kate Green MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, as well as a range of senior colleagues from housing associations, the co-op movement, the care sector, and PwC and Timpson.


In November 2021, we launched The Social Mobility Toolkit: A handbook for UK businesses. The aim of this toolkit is to support employers in addressing the social mobility challenge. Divided into three broad sections, it covers all stages of the employment journey, including helpful wording and case studies to help employers formulate a new strategy and put it into practice.


Raising awareness and making changes to tackle social mobility is vital for creating a more equal society and more diverse workforces.


It’s up to all of us to take action that gives everyone access to employment on merit and successful careers without limits. That’s why, in 2022, we plan to launch a regular forum for employers and other organisations to discuss the latest research and collaborate on their strategies.

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